Turkish aquaculture industry adheres to high standards on fish health and welfare. Therefore our products have superior taste and  unique quality.

" Turkish aquauculture farmers know that quality and traceability  are demanded by  their buyers and consumers. For this reason, they have high quality standards to provide the best production to domestic and  foreign markets. "

Did you know that the world’s

most environmentally-friendly aquaculture practices are implemented at our sea?

Due to the laws and legislations, all fish farm enterprises in Turkey operate at least 0.6 nautical miles from shore, at least 30 meters depth and at least 0.1 m/sec flow rate which has the highest quality offshore waters.


Our fish are fed with high quality extruder feeds and utmost care is provided to maximize fish health and welfare.


Furthermore, The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry regularly monitors and audits the fish farms.


Our producers carry out their activities with continuous awareness of eco-friendly approach, and the responsibility of sustainable production at high standards.“


Additionally, in aquaculture production, carbon emission is very low compared to poultry and cattle breeding.


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