Mugla  Fish Farmers Association is a non-profit professional producer organization established in accordance with Associations Law No. 5253 in 2002 by great voluntariness of the aquaculture producers in Mugla province

Our Association was established mainly to develop and improve aquaculture industry in Mugla Province. We create elaborated plans to increase production, consumption and export,  develop and implement strategies, conduct socio - economic activities, support our members and ensure collaboration and professional solidarity among members.

In 2007, The association was named  to Muğla Kültür Balıkçıları Derneği due to  the statutory rules amendment.

In 2006 and 2007, the fish farms were faced with a significant challenge due to changes of Environmental Law and Precision Farming Legislations. Therefore, our association has vastly supported the exploration of new offshore fish farm areas and become a guidance to producers during their new settlement. Thus, the sector turned the crisis into an opportunity and started to produce at higher quality and larger quantities in deeper and cleaner waters.

MFFA currently has 98 members who actively work as administrative and technical staff at their companies that operating at aquaculture industry. Anyone who devoted themselves and work in the industry are always welcomed to become a member of our Association.

We are  the  first non-governmental organization established due to the Association Laws for the aquaculture industry.

Today, we are still supporting various eco-friendly production and distribution activities. We, as MFFA, have pioneered the modernization of the fish farms, encouraged the installation of automatic feeding systems and promoted the use of barge systems where company staff can observe the needs frequently and regularly. All these improvements affected the industry to carry out more eco-friendly production activities

Our Association regularly participates at national and international projects and meetings which will improve the knowledge and experience of its members.

Our association ensures and encourages their members for the effective participation to the decision-making, policy-making and its implementation processes to have a more sustainable aquaculture industry.

We continue our vigorous efforts in order to effectively represent our industry at national and international platforms, to ensure marketing our products at best and fair prices both in domestic and international markets which all these efforts will ensure the market stability.

Our further actions are to develop more collaborations with national and international public institutions, companies and non-governmental organizations to improve the methods of our association and Turkish aquaculture industry. All MFFA efforts are envisaged and aimed to provide highest level of benefits to its members.

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